A couple of days ago, Robert Downey Jr posted a photo with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jon Favreau on Instagram, confirming that both would be back for Avengers: Infinity War. I posted new photos of all of them on set yesterday, along with Mark Ruffalo.

Also yesterday? Goop was making headlines again. Truth In Advertising (TINA) is asking California lawmakers to investigate Gwyneth’s company for “allegedly making health claims without sufficient evidence”. They’re also concerned about goop’s “deceptive marketing”. And they reached out to goop for clarification on their messaging, giving them a week to adjust the language on the site. When goop didn’t comply on time, they brought their complaint forward.

TINA took issue with over 50 products and recommendations on goop including crystals to help with period cramps, “earthing” to reduce inflammation, and some other sh-t that promises to do more sh-t which you can read more about here. When asked about TINA’s objections, this was goop’s official response:

A Goop spokesperson told BuzzFeed News in a statement, “Goop is dedicated to introducing unique products and offerings and encouraging constructive conversation surrounding new ideas. We are receptive to feedback and consistently seek to improve the quality of the products and information referenced on our site.”

The spokesperson said that the company “responded promptly and in good faith to the initial outreach from representatives of TINA and hoped to engage with them to address their concerns. Unfortunately, they provided limited information and made threats under arbitrary deadlines which were not reasonable under the circumstances.

“Nevertheless, while we believe that TINA’s description of our interactions is misleading and their claims unsubstantiated and unfounded, we will continue to evaluate our products and our content and make those improvements that we believe are reasonable and necessary in the interests of our community of users,” the spokesperson added.

They’re accusing goop of misleading people and promising unsubstantiated results. In turn, goop is using the same accusation to undermine the legitimacy of TINA’s concerns. Remember when I said that it was getting harder and harder to tell GP apart from Ivanka Trump?

Gwyneth’s attitude towards haters has always been to assume that haters are green-eyed envy monsters and overcritical of her because she’s a famous person. That technique might work for a PERSON but it can’t work for a COMPANY. Not a company that wants to be taken seriously. A company, when criticised can’t be yelling “you’re just jealous!”, and flip her hair and turn on her heel and stomp away. As G’s goop gets bigger and attracts more attention and, with it, more scrutiny, this will happen more often, more aggressively. If you can back your sh-t up, great. But can goop back its sh-t up? Right now, the recognised science isn’t supporting it.

For all her complaints about fame though, it certainly gives her the advantage of distraction. A few hours after TINA’s issues with goop were made public, here’s what she Instagrammed:


We're back! #pepperony #💍#infinitywars

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Pepperony is pretty popular. Like I’m a Pepperony stan. And she included a ring emoji. Which speaks directly to what I wrote about yesterday and Tony’s implied proposal at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming and whether or not there will be an Avengers wedding and if there is, will Thor be the officiant? Or is it just Happy and Hulk who are invited? There are so many Avengers in Avengers. And you only have so long to cram in all that plot with the infighting and whoever it is that’s supposed to be the big bad, if they’re making time to include Pepper in Tony’s storyline, it’s either an end credits scene (Marvel wouldn’t be paying G all that money for a throwaway end credits scene, would they?) or Pepper’s involvement is critical to Tony’s character arc. Must be some kind of priority, non? See? Distraction. Distraction from goop being called out for its allegedly shady business practices.