Halloween language is weird to me. Where I live, the question you ask about someone’s costume is, “What are you going as?” Maybe it’s different in your area. But in Toronto, where I grew up, and in Vancouver, where I lived for a long time, that’s the question. What are you going as?

Why isn’t it “what are you dressing up as?” Or “who are you dressing up as?” Is it for simple economy?

Anyway, what did Gwyneth Paltrow go as for Halloween?


Of course she did.



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She and Brad Falchuk themed their costumes after Se7en. Let’s get the ick out of the way first. Obviously, when she posted this, the Kevin Spacey story hadn’t broken yet. That moment when John Doe turns to Somerset and says, “Oh… he didn’t know…” will always be terrible, no matter how many times you’ve watched it. In fact, it’s probably even worse now.

But she couldn’t have known. And without knowing, it’s a really good idea. Of course, now, nobody wants to think about creepy-as-f*ck Kevin Spacey, but it’s still a really good idea. And so f-cking Gwyneth. To celebrate her own role in what’s become one of the most enduringly disturbing films of all time. And just in time for Halloween.