There was a Veuve Clicquot event and Gwyneth Paltrow and Gal Gadot were among the celebrities in attendance, both in black and white. Gwyneth’s dress is pretty special, I’m trying to figure out how it goes on. Side zip for a step-in? I love a step-in dress. I hate a side zip dress. The most ideal dress, for me, is a step-in back zip. Back zip would not have worked here though because of all the cut-outs. 


Gwyneth is 50 now, just turned in September, and she’s been all about loving the milestone, telling PEOPLE that “I’ve never felt better in my own skin” and that’s partly why she’s been showing so much of it with the cut-out dress but also posing nude, painted in gold to celebrate her birthday. 

It's great that more and more women are reveling in the aging process. It’s also true that reveling in the aging process is a privilege and certain women have much more of it than others. I have aging privilege – not as much as GP but I have access and resources, it’s undeniable. That said, Gwyneth is literally in the business of looking good and in the business of making things that make her look good. She has a line of products that she can literally get people in the lab to formulate specifically for her own needs. Which is my setup to show you this hilarious series of IG reels by artist Lisa Timmons. 


Have you seen this one? Featuring “Belinda”? 


A new “Belinda” and Gwyneth reel just went up today. 

Gwyneth is a frequent source of inspiration for Lisa. And I’m sure the content will just keep coming.