Gwyneth Paltrow is sharing her home spa routine. We saw her home spa in Architectural Digest last year, now we’re getting more views of it as she tries to sell us some skin and hair products. The video is below…and …well… as you can see, her home spa is nicer than most business spas. Like, this is where she showers every day, several times a day? 


G says that you don’t have to have a home spa to enjoy the experience – because, I guess, the products are so good. I mean, wouldn’t ANY products seem like they’re good if you were using them in this kind of setting? It’s like food, which often tastes better given the surroundings and even the company you’re eating it in or with.

My point is that I want G’s home spa more than I’m into her products. Here’s the thing about celebrity marketing: you’re buying what they’re selling because, in theory, you want what they have, right? JLo’s skin, for example, you want yours to glow like hers does. So if you’re going to buy the JLo moisturiser, you’re spending that money in the hopes that her glow is in the bottle. In G’s case, if she’s selling skincare and hair care, the idea is that in purchasing these products, you’ll have the same results. But is Gwyneth the celebrity people look to for skin and hair? 

Her home spa? Like the design of it? And the kitchen? The design of it? Clothes? Sure. But that’s not what’s being pushed here. 


Speaking of clothes – here she is in New York this week in a great white shirt over a great pair of long shorts and a gorgeous Hermes crossbody. It’s the colour for me, this orange, so good.