It’s been a couple of weeks since we learned that Brad Pitt is dating model Nicole Poturalski. Since then, all quiet on that front. Because, you know, Brad Pitt does not want anyone talking about his personal life. Unless, perhaps, you’re talking about him positively in comparison to Angelina Jolie. 


Just before news broke about Brad and Nicole, Brange headlines were all about how Angelina filed paperwork to have the private judge presiding over their divorce case disqualified for conflict of interest. Then he steps out with a hot young model and, well, it adds to the pro-Pitt narrative that Angelina is bitter and deliberately doing whatever she can to delay the resolution of their divorce – because she’s jealous over his relationship. 

Earlier this week, Us Weekly reported that Brad and Nicole are a “go-with-the-flow situation”, that it’s casual but that they are also “totally falling for each other” but that he has “no plans or any desire to ever get married again”. If this is supposed to be a reassurance for the Minivan Majority, that of course he would never married a woman half his age, she’s just his here-for-a-good-time companion, I’m not sure that’s the look. That said, the other implication is that Angelina is reacting badly to the fact that he’s moving on. And lashing out at him out of spite. 


And now, at least according to Us Weekly, the two are no longer participating in family therapy because “tensions have escalated”. Translation: Angelina is so petty and it’s coming between him and his kids. Not that Us Weekly is all that reliable these days and it’s a pretty easy angle to fiction given what’s already out there but this is also a convenient distraction from why the family became so fractured in the first place and why his connection with the children has been such an issue. 

But hey, squirrel! Look how handsome he is!

Brad’s new campaign shots for Brioni were released this week. And, well, yeah – he’s very, very handsome. 


Brad wore Brioni through award season. Some dudes don’t wear suits as well as they do street clothes. Brad has always worn all clothes well. He has the proportions for a good hang. This smirk though: 

Feeling himself, for sure. The smirk of a 56 year old man dating a 27 year old model, who takes her to the family home where he married his second ex-wife the week of their anniversary, as she continues to get portrayed as the villain.