ITV will air Harry & Meghan: An African Journey on Sunday night in the UK. The documentary, about their recent tour of southern Africa, will be broadcast in the US on ABC that same night. A couple of clips from Harry and Meghan’s interviews with Tom Bradby have been released. Tom promised a couple of weeks ago in a tweet that the doc “will explain a lot”. And most assumed that he was referring to Harry’s Love Shield 2019, the announcement that Meghan is suing the Daily Mail and the subsequent follow-up that Harry is suing the Mirror and the Sun. Tom was on tour filming with Harry and Meghan when the Love Shield was launched. Which is why I’ve been saying that there’s no way the Sussexes’ contentious relationship with the British media wouldn’t come up in the documentary. And it did. 

Here’s Harry talking about the “wound that festers” and the pain he still carries over the circumstances surrounding his mother’s death: 

Harry is raw. As we’ve seen and heard, he’s the emotional one, the one who doesn’t hide his moods. And his mood here is, on this topic at least, on the behaviour of the tabloid press, frustrated, he’s angry, maybe a little scared, and sad. This is the first time he’s addressed, on camera, what’s happening now to him and Meghan in comparison with what happened to his mother. And, well, you know the people he’s accusing won’t take it well. They’re basically being connected to the death of Princess Diana. How do you think that will go over? 

Meghan also spoke on camera as Tom asked her directly how she’s doing, how her mental health is after so many months of relentless criticism from the British press. She too, like Harry, is raw and seems to be on the verge of tears while describing how vulnerable she felt during her pregnancy and after Archie was born and now:  

“Thank you for asking, because not many people have asked if I’m OK.”

Is that… the media? Or… other people? 

The way Harry and Meghan are speaking here, so candidly, about their feelings – this is not typically what we see from British royals. Their whole sh-t, as we know, is to never let anyone know how they’re feeling. And certainly not on camera. But if they didn’t want this out there, it wouldn’t be out there. So they want us to see their feelings. They want the public to know who was responsible for making them feel this way: the Cartel. How will the Cartel respond?