Harry Styles played two shows in Toronto earlier this week, and it was kind of a spectacle – and I’m not talking about the concerts (although, of course his performances were amazing), but about the city’s reaction to him being in town. Downtown was buzzing and they were doing reports on it every 20 minutes on the 24-hour news channel every day. Then he went to play golf. 


Thank you, Harry, for bringing the fashion to the links. Please indulge me now while I complain about the thing I always complain about, because golf is my sport: why can’t women’s golf fashion be cuter? Nothing I wear to play golf is sold as golf attire, because clothing sold in the women’s golf category is not stylish! 

Anyway, this is the tweet about Harry playing golf in Toronto that went viral:

LOL forever. 


Harry has now left Toronto and is in New York. He kicks off 15 shows at Madison Square Garden tomorrow night. Harry’s final show in New York is on September 7, but that’s after a break of a few days because Don’t Worry Darling is premiering at the Venice Film Festival on September 5, so it looks like he’ll come off the stage on September 3, then get on a jet to Italy pretty much right away for a whirlwind 48 hours, before returning to NYC … 

With Olivia Wilde? 

Olivia is with him in New York right now. They were seen kissing at the gym on Thursday, and then out for dinner later on. Harry and Olivia have been together almost two years now and photographed in LA and Vegas and London and Italy and other places in Europe but never New York City. New York, by the way, happens to be where Olivia’s ex, Jason Sudeikis, wanted to have their custody hearing, claiming that that was where he wanted to parent their children. A court recently granted Olivia’s petition to dismiss Jason’s request, deciding that California is, indeed, the children’s home state. So it’s not exactly amicable between them, especially not after Jason had Olivia served when she was literally on stage at CinemaCon a few months ago. 

That may not be the only tense relationship in her life though. There have been rumours for weeks that Florence Pugh is freezing Olivia out. Florence wasn’t doing much to promote Don’t Worry Darling until recently and even still has not mentioned Olivia once when she does talk about the film – which is weird, because Florence is big on her support of female directors, as we saw when she was promoting Little Women, she had big love for Greta Gerwig. But not only has she not shouted out Olivia for Don’t Worry Darling, she does not seem to ever respond in kind when Olivia posts about Florence’s contribution to the film on social media. Fans were the first to pick up on Florence’s lack of reciprocation despite Olivia’s many mentions of her and then Page Six reported that it was because Florence disapproved of Olivia hooking up with Harry on set. 


There are also rumours that Florence was unhappy with Olivia’s work ethic, and that other people ended up stepping in to make directorial decisions because she was too distracted. This, to me, seems more believable. I don’t think Florence gives a sh-t about who is f-cking who. And, frankly, it’s a derivative take on why women don’t get along – like it always has to be over a man, even if one of them isn’t romantically involved with him. It makes more sense that if there is any friction between the two, it’s about the WORK. It’s about professional expectations and subsequent professional disappointments. The friction would be non-existent if Olivia was f-cking Harry and killing it at her job. But that’s only IF all of this speculation is actually legit. 

Because the part that makes me really uncomfortable is whether or not this is being exaggerated and amplified by the hate directed at Olivia from fans of Harry Styles who have never been into his relationship with her. The toxicity that has been dumped on her by a specific faction of Harry’s fans is heinous – and they are seizing on this situation with Florence to make their case that Olivia is wrong for their beloved. 

Florence herself has been through this with Zach Braff, and she talked about this in her recent Harper’s Bazaar cover story when she said of their breakup that: 

“We’ve been trying to do this separation without the world knowing, because it’s been a relationship that everybody has an opinion on. We just felt something like this would really do us the benefit of not having millions of people telling us how happy they are that we’re not together. So we’ve done that. I automatically get a lumpy throat when I talk about it.”


As Kayleigh Donaldson wrote on Twitter:

This is what Florence, Olivia, and Harry have in common. Florence and Olivia may or may not be beefing, but I have a hard time believing that, whatever personal or professional conflicts she has with Olivia, she would want that to be leveraged against two people who are in love.