Lainey and I are both in the tank for Sam Richardson, the actor who is suddenly everywhere, in all your favorite comedies and must watch shows and indie movies and being the only good thing about The Tomorrow War. Well, another name to know is Harvey Guillén, another actor cropping up everywhere these days. He plays the indomitable and loyal vampire hunter familiar Guillermo on What We Do in the Shadows—I am shipping Guillermo and Nandor so hard, forget Ted and Rebecca, THIS is the comedy show ship to invest in—he was recently (criminally underused) in Amazon Prime’s Reacher; he voices one of the monsters in the Big Mouth spin-off Human Resources; he co-starred with Sam Richardson in Werewolves Within last year; he’s co-starring next with Jillian Bell and Natalie Morales in a sci-fi comedy called I’m Totally Fine; and now he’s getting the superhero treatment in DC Films’ Blue Beetle. 


Cobra Kai star Xolo Maridueña is starring as the eponymous Blue Beetle, aka Jaime Reyes, a teenager who fuses with a magical scarab and becomes a superhero. The more superhero movies we get, the further into the silly ranks we go, but I’m glad they opted to go with the Jaime Reyes version of the character, whose family often features in his stories. It’s easy to see this version of the character fitting in with the kid friendly-ish tone of, say, Shazam!. But who will Harvey Guillén play? Unclear! Details have not been revealed, which means he must be playing a significant character. The villain, perhaps? Or a previous iteration of Blue Beetle? Or maybe Booster Gold, a hilariously opportunistic “hero” who uses time travel to make his average-ass self a superhero in the past? DC has had a Booster Gold movie in development with Greg Berlanti for ages, but nothing has come of it. Given Guillén’s proven comedic chops, I can easily seem him as the shifty Booster Gold. Until we know for sure, get to know Harvey Guillén, another funnyman here to steal scenes and our hearts.



Attached - Harvey at the Independent Spirit Awards on the weekend.