Didn’t have a chance yesterday to catch up on the best celebrity gossip story of the year so far: Bennifer 2021. They haven’t been seen together again but there are a few interesting angles to pursue. Let’s start with Page Six’s story from the weekend with sources saying that when JLo sang “Sweet Caroline” at the Vax Live event a couple of weeks ago, “It was absolutely for Ben. And it also worked to piss off ARod”. That’s according to a Ben source so, clearly, we are dick-swinging now…


Even though apparently people in Ben’s circle were actually taken by surprise by the news that Bennifer is the phoenix that rose from the ashes, LOL: 

“We thought they were just friends,” said the Affleck source. “Even people close to Ben were taken by surprise.” Then again, a source who knows both Affleck and Lopez told The Post: “She was always obsessed with Ben. They have always loved each other.”

Ohhhhkayyyyy… can they please not ruin this for us? “She was always obsessed with Ben” – I mean… if there was obsession it was mutual; he was as obsessed with her as she was with him. Let’s not play it like Ben Affleck's some kind of pop idol and JLo is his biggest fangirl. There’s one pop idol in this situationship, and she’s the one who’s glowing, who’s always been glowing. Who bounces back and out of her relationships quicker than almost anyone else. 


To their credit though, later on, Page Six cites another source who explains the fame dynamic between Ben and JLo when they were engaged: 

“Ben’s ego is bigger than hers,” said a source who worked with them. “‘Gigli’ tanking was a bigger deal to him and he was jealous of her superstardom. Photographers would see Ben and Jen together and they would ask for Jennifer to stand alone. Ben would step out of the shot but not like it. The photographers would say, ‘J.Lo alone! J.Lo alone!’ But they never asked for Ben to stand alone.”

That tracks. Especially when you factor Gigli into it and how the failure of that movie exacerbated his insecurities:

“They broke up because he cheated on her and, at the time, he had the chance to be a very big star. What he was doing with her didn’t fit into his image. He had all these people in his ear.” 

He was much younger then. His ambitions were different, his perspective was more narrow – he was essentially not as mature. What hasn’t changed, supposedly, per Page Six’s sources is how he feels about JLo: 

“I think he was the happiest he’s ever been with her,” said the source who knows both of them. 


Well that’s sweet, but I don’t know if that’s the right narrative here either. Both Ben and JLo married other people after breaking up, and had children with those people, so this happiness comparison is probably unfair to Bennifer and certainly not helpful. We’re not looking for reasons to create tension here – we are looking to remove all obstacles to protect Bennifer!

Anyway, hilariously but stupidly, ARod via Page Six is trying to make us care about how ARod’s doing through all of this. 

“A-Rod never understood what Jennifer needed to do to maintain her public image,” the insider said. “He was looking for a quieter life and could not keep up with her need to be in front of the public all the time.” A rep for Rodriguez denied this. Lopez’s representative had no comment.

As IFFFFFF ARod was the one in the relationship who wanted to be more low-key and not in the spotlight all the time. His Instagram activity and how much he posted about her, right up in the front row with his phone in front of his face at every award show, will tell you much he allegedly didn’t care about the attention. So now we’re supposed to believe that one of their differences was over publicity? Who works on his PR? Is it the same people who work for the royal family? 


Let’s get back to the real story, Bennifer, and what’s happening next. Is she telling us something on IG: 

New music, I guess. But hopefully “sexy summer fun” also involves Ben. One of the early comments on this post cracked me up: 

Comment on JLo's Instagram post that cracked me up

BENNIFER SUMMA! That’s the energy!

Also attached - Ben at Brentwood Country Mart on the weekend.