Today is Princess Charlotte’s 4th birthday and to celebrate the occasion, House Cambridge released three new photos of Charlotte taken by her mother, Kate, at their home in Norfolk last month. She is SO cute. That face! It’s curious and mischievous and sweet and smart. Look at her in this shot. She’s a mystery already:


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But look at her in this shot, the way she’s leaning in, forward, questioning – she might be a mystery but she’s also interested in the mysteries of everyone else:


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And this one is my favourite because at first I thought she was holding a wand, “alohomora!” Come on, in that skirt, with the grey jumper, it’s like she’s getting ready to matriculate at Hogwarts. The Cambridge children WILL be introduced to the magic of Hogwarts, right?


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These photos were posted to the House Cambridge social media accounts so, while we’re on the subject of royal social media, many of you have been emailing and tweeting about House Sussex and their Instagram follows. As you may have heard, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (obviously Meghan Markle) made some changes to who they are following on IG. The headline that showed up everywhere, however, was pretty misleading: “Harry and Meghan unfollow Will and Kate!” 

Here’s the post explaining:


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I dunno, that seems pretty straightforward to me. Oh and the House Sussex left a birthday message for Charlotte on the Kensington Royal IG so …  

Like, yeah, for sure, there is evidence that Will and Harry are beefing right now, but this, this shouldn’t be on the list. Because they didn’t just unfollow Will and Kate, they also unfollowed the Royal Family IG account. AS IN THE QUEEN. And the Sussexes certainly are not declaring open warfare on Her Majesty, or on Prince Charles, who they’re not following either. Let’s preserve the purity of our pettiness by applying it to legitimate shade. I fear that we are degrading authentic gossip by propagating gossip pretenders. Protect gossip against contamination!