There was a story that came out yesterday about Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid with a Taylor Swift connection. I understand why people were talking about it – these are three big names, and Taylor is the biggest name, and anything associated with her right now is going to bring the heat. 


But, seriously, how likely is this? 

Here’s what we’re dealing with:

BCoop and Gigi were seen together a couple of times a couple of weeks ago. On one of those occasions, he was dropping her off after what was presumed to be a minibreak. Nobody knows where they might have gone. But now the rumour is that Taylor let them stay at her Rhode Island beach house for their romantic getaway. 

And again, I get why people want to believe this. It’s Bradley, it’s Gigi, and it would be a new trend for Taylor: lending out her properties to her friends in the various stages of their relationships. 

The problem is… the story originates with a UK tabloid. We should, by now, always be side-eyeing the UK tabloids when they claim to have the jump on a Taylor Swift story of all people. 


That said, even if it’s not true, it might be advantageous for all three of them. Taylor gets more good publicity, and then Bradley and Gigi get to throw people off from where they really are/were spending time. Which I’m going to guess is not Taylor’s Rhode Island home but Gigi’s farm in Pennsylvania. It’s an hour and a half, or so, away from NYC, as opposed to the three hours or so it would take to drive to Rhode Island. Maybe it’s just me, but who wants to be in a car for double the amount of time when you can get the same secluded vibe, only closer? 

Attached – Bradley in New York this morning.