The gossip this fall has been GIVING. And now another potential high-profile romance… 


So the Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid rumours started last Friday, when the Daily Mail published exclusive shots of them leaving after dinner in New York. They were then seen in Bradley’s car this weekend – according to Page Six, they were returning from out of town together. So… like… a minibreak? 

Look at the photos. Gigi has an LV Keepall with her and a Prada tote so the baggage tells me that there was some packing required for wherever they went. 

Could it just be a friends situation? Well PEOPLE has now added to the story, citing a source who says that BCoop and Gigi are “having fun” together. The source did provide more context though: 

"She’s independent, busy, and her days are filled with responsibilities so I don’t see anything serious happening right away if at all.”

However, the insider reveals that Hadid, 28, has "had sort of a crush on [Cooper] for a while" and might be open to exploring more than friendship with the actor, 48.

“[They have] things in common so it’s possible to see it progress," the source continues. “It appears super casual now, but they both have kids, big careers, busy lives and understand what life is like in these circles. It’s cute…and there is an attraction.”


Sounds like the source is trying to say that this is very early. Early, sure, but it’s not nothing, not if PEOPLE, which is always careful not to piss off celebrities, is going ahead and seemingly validating the speculation. 

Just last month, Gigi was linked to DJ Cole Bennett after stepping out with him several times. Guess that isn’t happening anymore. But before Cole, it was of course Leonardo DiCaprio, which is what makes this even more interesting because Bradley and Leo are longtime friends and Gigi and Irina Shayk know each other from the fashion scene, and Leo and Irina were circling each other before she hooked up with Tom Brady. 

It's a case of model musical chairs. And also, as Sarah noted a couple of weeks ago, this is the year of the age gap discourse.

Attached - Gigi in New York on Thursday and Bradley Cooper with his daughter in New York earlier in the week.