A quick midweek couples round-up…

Starting with the Clooneys who are in Venice because Amal is being honoured by the DVF Foundation during the festival. Here’s Amal, with George, out for dinner tonight. The Clooneys are the opposite of the Biebers. You know how everyone was talking earlier this week about how Justin and Hailey always show up looking like they were dressed for entirely different events? Maria mentioned in Celebrity Social Media yesterday that she’s not mad at it, because it’s what makes them memorable, inadvertently.


The Clooneys, however, always dress for dinner. Every dinner for Amal is like a red carpet – this green is spectacular on her, and the hair is GIVING tonight. 

Next, Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber were also out for dinner earlier this week in Beverly Hills. I have nothing to say here other than I really like her shoe choice – so chic but also sensible – and that, as usual, it is f-cking stupid how attractive these two are. I think it might actually be a problem for me, I can’t stop looking at them together. 

And finally, possibly a new couple? 


Gigi Hadid was seen with Cole Bennett (music video director) on the weekend. Last night they were seen out for dinner again. They arrived and left in different cars. They exited out separate doors. But they were at the same place at the same time twice in less than a week. Gigi and Cole are around the same age, likely run in the same circles, and if this is what it looks like then the Leonardo DiCaprio chapter of her life is probably over.