Dear Gossips,

Let’s open today with what I sent Duana last night – “for your joy” is how I titled the message. Because I came down with a cold on Sunday that I think I may have passed on to her, as she was starting to feel it yesterday. There are a couple of people, however, who reliably delight Duana. Julia Roberts, always. But someone else, someone neither of us expected until last year at the Golden Globes: Hugh Grant

Hugh participated in The Hollywood Reporter’s TV Drama Actors Roundtable this year (Sarah will be unpacking this at length later) and… well… you can probably guess what happened when the man who’s chronically embarrassed by himself is asked to talk about himself. Like I said, he is joy:

Hugh Grant is campaigning for an Emmy. Hugh Grant, carrying all that (marginally less) self-hatred, is joining the Emmy Thirst! I really hope this clears up Duana’s congestion. 

By the way, Hugh is in contention for his performance in A Very English Scandal. Initially he didn’t want to take the role. Because of his “pure snobbery” about television. As he explains it:

"I thought, 'Television? I don't do television.' And then I read them and they were brilliant. And I realise everyone does TV now — I just can't help having a little hankering for the old days of glamour and cinemas with lots of people in them. Anyway, it's all gone."

On brand, non? 

It’s one of his most acclaimed roles. And Hugh’s out here basically saying one of the great performances of his career might not be all that satisfying because TV is better than movies now. Is he even going to be happy if he actually wins? 

Emmy nomination voting begins on Monday. The nominations will be announced July 16. 

Yours in gossip,