Rihanna was hungry last night. And she didn’t feel like getting dressed and having her hair and makeup done. I say this because it’s not like we don’t ever see Rihanna out for dinner – she goes out for dinner all the time, whether she’s pregnant or not. 


Last night, though, she was in a different mood. Well, no, actually, it was the same mood, food mood, that is. It’s always her food mood. So that part hasn’t changed, it’s just she didn’t feel like dining where the food is made. Instead she went and picked it up. 

Here’s what she shared on IG stories: 


If you know Rihanna and her eating habits, there should be no question where she ordered from: Giorgio Baldi. That’s two thirds of her regular order right there – the spaghetti pomodoro with basil and the gnocchi. She usually orders the raviolo too but I guess last night she decided on a double instead of a triple. 

As you can see, the restaurant put her meal on plates instead of boxes because it’s not like she’s not good for them. They know she’ll be back with them because she’s been going there since she was 18. And even if she doesn’t return them, I mean this is probably one of their top five top customers, if not their top customer. Giorgio Baldi isn’t nickel and diming Rihanna on a couple of plates. 

Is this special treatment? Yes, of course. We’re talking about Rihanna here. But there’s more to this meal that your standard VIP situation where they can just roll up to a high-end restaurant and turn it into a drive-thru when that option isn’t available to others. Rihanna’s relationship with THIS particular restaurant is an actual RELATIONSHIP. She’s put in her time there! 

Attached - Rihanna out in LA the other day.