Sarah Jessica Parker’s been conveniently photographed a lot lately at her shoe store, especially since news broke that there will be a new Sex and the City series. But the priority here, for me at least, is these pants she had on the other day. I need these. Very badly.

What would you call them? 


A hybrid culotte + jogger, right? They’re sweatpants, for sure, but they’re cut on the top like a pair of culottes and then there’s an extra extra EXTRA long jogger cuff that looks almost like a sock. It’s a little bit Oliver Twist, a little Hamilton on Broadway, revolutionary fashion, and also old-timey baseball uniform styles. 

However you want to describe it, I love them very much. SO much. I want them in every colour. I would wear them with every sweater and sweatshirt I own. Every t-shirt. Every tank top, underneath a denim jacket. Over platform sneakers. Or combat boots. And mary-janes the way she’s wearing hers here. These pants are amazingly versatile…

But wait, are they even pants? Or is this a pair of sweatpants over a pair of white tights? It’s much more exciting for me to think they’re one piece, one pair of pants. And if they’re not… someone needs to MAKE them a one piece, design a sweatpant with this sock-like cuff. I’m telling you – they would SELL.