Just in case you were thinking of adding Aunt Jemima to your grocery list, there are so many other good syrup options. Since I’m Canadian, I recommend a Canadian maple syrup. By now you’ve probably heard about why Quaker Oats is making headlines – because all the racists in your feed are fighting for their right to eat pancakes while upholding white supremacy but this post is worth your time for the Lady Antebellum line. You’ll know it when you read it. (Dlisted) 


Did you know there was a premiere in Hollywood this week? Probably not, because there really weren’t any top tier celebrities in attendance. But a red carpet was actually rolled out. And probably the biggest name on it was a Beverly Hills 90210 alum. Before you go checking, guess who it was. (Go Fug Yourself) 

This story has been trending all day with various hashtags: “Officer Karen”, “McMuffin”, “McDonalds”. Basically a female police officer went to the McD’s drive-thru and got her coffee before her sandwich and then posted on social media how upset she is. People are clowning on her, as you’d expect. Here’s the thing to keep in mind, however you choose to process it: a man actually DIED at a drive-thru this week because of anti-Black racism. He was killed. By police officers. Some of us go to the drive-thru and get pissed off if they forget to pack the straws. Black people are lucky if they leave the drive-thru without straws but still alive. (Cele|bitchy) 

As you may know, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have not spoken about the pregnancy. They are nearing their first wedding anniversary. And perhaps her due date? Here are new photos of them out and about and I love this pregnancy outfit (TMZ) 

You have to read this essay by Chaédria LaBouvier about the afterlife of George Floyd through the lens of photographer Eli Reed and how Floyd’s image has become an icon. George Floyd’s humanity was unseen when he lived. But the Black community has tried to restore his humanity after his death. (The Cut)