I love A Simple Favor so much. I loved it when it came out, I named it one of the best movies of the 2010s, and I talk about it constantly. It’s so funny and dark and smart and sexy and a little bit bleak, and every time I watch it, I find new things to love about it—I still haven’t recovered from realizing that the hot brother is played by none other than Dustin Milligan, aka Schitt’s Creek’s dear sweet Ted. I’d go so far to say that my love for A Simple Favor is a big part of my Brand ™️, so imagine my UNFATHOMABLE DELIGHT when news broke yesterday that a sequel is coming:


The whole crew is coming back, from iconic duo Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively as best frenemies Stephanie and Emily, to director Paul Feig, to screenwriter Jessica Sharzer. No word on Henry Golding, though, who plays Emily’s dumb bunny husband, or if any of the comedians will reprise their roles as suburban parents, such as Aparna Nancherla, or if Rupert Friend and Patti Harrison—a much bigger star now than she was in 2018—will be back as Dennis Nylon and his horrible assistant, Kiko. Probably not, all those characters are tied up in the mystery of Emily’s disappearance, which Stephanie thoroughly solved. But damn, the cast of A Simple Favor really is PERFECT.

I am a little nervous about a sequel simply because the movie is SO good, why mess with perfection? But at the same time, I am deeply curious about where they take the story next. The movie is based on a novel by Darcy Bell, but there is no follow-up book, so the sequel will be striking out in wholly new waters. I really hope this isn’t just a cash grab because it turns out that after a mediocre (at best) run in theaters, A Simple Favor has done well on streaming. Don’t think I'm not seeing the bit about original distributor Lionsgate partnering with Amazon for the sequel. That’s a sure sign that the streaming metrics for A Simple Favor are good, good enough to justify throwing money into a sequel for what is, basically, a modern cult classic. If the sequel turns out to be crap, I will be more heartbroken than I was after my last breakup. Dumping a f-ckboy I can handle, tainting the legacy of A Simple Favor I cannot.