Speaking of Icons! Cher showed up at the Los Angeles premiere of The Bikeriders, with her boyfriend AE Edwards. Sharon Stone also pulled up. TWO Icons! 


I would love to know how their attendance came to be, especially since Norman Reedus specifically name-checked Cher as the celebrity he wanted to join his biker gang.



Austin Butler did double duty yesterday, going from Jimmy Kimmel Live! to the premiere, which was held at Grauman’s Chinese Theater, conveniently across the street from Kimmel’s studio and a Harley Davidson shop (synergy!). He was joined at the premiere by Jodie Comer, Norman Reedus, Jeff Nichols, and pretty much the whole cast—including Mike Faist who has missed much of the press tour—minus Tom Hardy who has truly done the least for a guy with his name on the top line of the poster. I mean, he doesn’t HAVE to, because they’re relying so heavily on Austin to sell this film, but it also tells me he’s saving his energy for Venom: The Last Dance which is like…man, he really LOVES Venom. 


Also present: Austin’s fellow Dunie Jason Momoa. The Bikeriders really brought out the Hollywood bikers. They’re either in the movie, like Norman Reedus, or they came out for the premiere, like Jason Momoa. Also also present is Raff Law, Austin’s co-star in Masters of the Air.

Speaking of THAT show, Nate Mann and Callum Turner were in New York yesterday, doing an FYC event for SAG-AFTRA. Emmy voting is now happening—nominations will be announced next month—but the cast for that show is so big, it’s a revolving door of names every time they have to step out. They’ll probably get a lot of tech/craft nominations, but I would be surprised if any of the actors got nominated, and I’m not holding my breath for writing or directing nominations, either. It’s not even a sure thing for an Outstanding Limited Series nomination. This year is INSANELY competitive, even given the Emmys general hyper-competitive nature, and Masters of the Air just isn’t that good. But these boys are hustling! 


Callum was also out with Dua Lipa in New York yesterday, so that’s still happening.