Last night Devon Soltendieck and I were hosting a Facebook Live from the etalk studios, recapping weekend TIFF coverage and also throwing to our colleagues in the field who were reporting from the red carpets. Traci Melchor was at the premiere of The Mountain Between Us and we went to her just as she had Idris Elba with her. At the end of their interview, this happened:

Idris and Sabrina were photographed together in Manchester a couple of weeks ago. At the time, she hadn’t yet been identified. Sabrina Dhowre is 29, a former Miss Vancouver. Idris worked on The Mountain Between Us in Vancouver. Presumably, then, that’s where and how they met?

To go back to that moment on the carpet though, as soon as those words came out of his mouth, “my beautiful girlfriend”, well, first of all Devon and I cracked up because Traci turned to camera and made a face, like “umm… no one told me he was bringing a plus one”. But also… whoa! Idris Elba just declared. That’s a declaration, non? THIS IS MY GIRLFRIEND. I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND.

He gave her status.

Publicly. And rather proudly. On camera.