DC Films is going ahead with a Suicide Squad sequel which will be written, and probably directed, by James Gunn. Though it is currently referred to as Suicide Squad 2, it sounds less like a sequel and more like a soft reboot, as has been the case with DC movies recently that just pretend like the Zack Snyder stuff didn’t happen. They’re never going to come out and say they’re starting over, but they’re starting over. That includes Suicide Squad Redux, which will be blissfully free of the third-worst Joker. (In fact, it looks like Jared Leto’s time as the third worst Joker is over. No, stop, come back, et cetera.) It will also be free of Will Smith, as it is being reported that Idris Elba is taking over as Deadshot.

I’m not mad at this. Smith is apparently unavailable due to scheduling, but frankly, this feels more like recasting a role to fit a new vision. Like I’m not sure it would matter if Smith was available. Deadshot is a bad guy, but Suicide Squad spent a lot of time setting him up as a dude with a terrible talent who uses it to support his family. (He’s…kind of like Hawkeye?) Will Smith was great as that antihero version of Deadshot, but if Gunn is looking to do something more villainy, then yeah, he needs a new Deadshot, because Deadshot is a villain, and Will Smith doesn’t do villainy. You know who does? Idris Elba. I have no trouble seeing Elba play a master assassin who enjoys his job a little too much. So no, I’m not mad at this at all. And I am low-key curious to see what the overhauled Suicide Squad is like, especially without the third worst Joker. And hey, now that they’ve both been replaced, Will Smith and David Ayer can get around to making that Bright sequel that no one is clamoring for.


Here's Idris promoting Turn Up Charlie in LA earlier this week.