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Today we are happy for Kathleen Newman-Bremang, teen Kathleen and current Kathleen. Because a dream came true for both of them – and in fulfilling her dream, she gave us the gift of her interview with Joshua Jackson, aka Pacey Witter, a forever fictional love, not just for her but an entire generation of people who watched Dawson’s Creek. Or who may be discovering Dawson’s Creek. 


This is one of those interviews that you can hear coming off the screen and that you wish you could watch on video. Joshua, as Kathleen notes, is an “animated conversationalist” and obviously charming as f-ck but also, Joshua, a cis white male, is doing the work and open to talking about the work, the work that we all should be participating in collectively if there is to be change. Per Kathleen:

“Jackson is an animated conversationalist, leaning into the camera to emphasize his points — especially when the topic of diversity comes up. White celebs don’t get asked about racism in Hollywood the way their counterparts of colour do, and when they do, they’re usually hesitant at best, and unequipped at worst, to tackle these conversations. Jackson is neither. He’s open, willing, and eager to discuss systemic inequality in the industry he’s grown up in. It’s the bare minimum a straight white man in Hollywood can do, and Jackson seems to know this.”


The point is, yes, it’s the bare minimum so we don’t need to give Joshua Jackson all the cookies, but the fact is, being that I work in media, we’re not asking everyone the questions, we are primarily only asking the BIPOC people to engage. And sometimes, even when we want to ask the questions, the barrier is thrown up by the publicists who police the conversation. As is quite clear from Kathleen’s conversation with Joshua, though, there are no obstacles here. At the same time, let’s give credit to the skill in her questions. There are the serious ones, of course, about his projects. But there’s also a question about Joshua and Jodie Turner-Smith exchanging thirsty messages on Instagram and whether or not they’re in the same room when they’re doing it. The people need to know! 

Also… an exclusive: there was a double proposal. 


Teen Kathleen had a very good day. And it got even better when Jodie tweeted about the interview. 

God they’re cute, aren’t they? The celebrity couple we must protect!

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