Not locked in yet… but…

The last time we talked about Jennifer Garner’s love life she was dating John Miller, a businessman. There have been rumours the last few months during the pandemic that they’re no longer together. Not that they had to be seen to be confirmed to be still together but lockdown is the kind of thing that can make or break a couple. Because you have to put in the work. 


Now… a new development. 

Click here to see new shots of Jennifer with Bradley Cooper on the beach together in Malibu with his daughter at TMZ. They worked together on Alias and on the movie Valentine’s Day, they’ve known each other a while, they’ve been friendly. A couple of years ago, at the American Cinematheque Awards tribute, she spoke in support of him. The takeaway quote from her remarks was when she shared that she was one of the first people he hung out with when he got to LA: 

"I took him home and made him dinner… I'm still making him dinner.”


At the time Bradley was with Irina Shayk. Now, though, they’re both single. Jennifer and Ben Affleck are amicably divorced. He’s moved on with Ana de Armas. That said, Ben and Coop are tight too. They actually, on paper, have a lot in common. Professionally they both have strong ties to Warner Bros. There’s the actor/director/writer thing. They occupy similar spaces in the industry. And both are …complicated. There’s a similar mood, non? If Jen has a type, Ben and Bradley would fit it. 

A day at the beach together with his daughter could just be a friendship, for sure. 

Or it could be a friendship that has evolved over time. They met when they were young, much earlier in their careers. They had kids, they’ve been through relationships that didn’t work out for the long term, they’re in a different place in their lives now – and that’s the thing about timing and attraction: you might not intersect in one phase of your life but you could in another. 

Is that what’s happening here? I can see it. You?