In Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor's secretary, Etta Candy, played by Lucy Davis, was the movie's shot of delight. She injected Wonder Woman with her wit and charm even though she was, as Sarah noted in her review, “utterly wasted”. Lucy Davis’s humour deserved more screen time. I hope Wonder Woman 1984 doesn’t do the same to Natasha Rothwell. 

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Natasha will be joining the film which has already started filming. Natasha’s role has yet to be identified. I’m already comparing her to Lucy Davis because Natasha Rothwell is f-cking funny. If you know her as Kelli from Insecure, you already know how funny she is. Natasha is also a writer on Insecure and she’s responsible for the hilarious jokes Issa Rae told at the CFDAs. If you’ve seen Love, Simon, you also know that Natasha Rothwell can leave an impression in a movie that has nothing to do with her. Love, Simon is a high school rom-com and Natasha plays a drama teacher. She had no business being as funny as she was. She did not have to go that hard but she did and she did because her talent cannot be contained. Compare her performance to Tony Hale’s campy, corny principal and it’s glaring how much she can do with so little. 

Natasha Rothwell was hysterical in Love, Simon and I have high hopes for her in Wonder Woman 1984. All Patty Jenkins needs to do is put her in a scene with Kristin Wiig and let magic happen. I do hope that Natasha is playing Cheetah’s right hand henchman or Diana Prince’s best friend so that she can have some rapport with Gal Gadot. I hope that she isn’t relegated to being an employee of Steve with barely interaction with the other woman in the movie. #Justice4LucyDavis. 

This casting news is exciting for Wonder Woman 1984 but it also means that Natasha Rothwell’s platform just got that much bigger. YAS KELLI! I am so excited for her. 

Here's Natasha at the Insecure Block Party a few days ago.