Taylor Swift was in Miami earlier this week shooting the video for End Game with Future. TMZ has pap footage from that night that shows Taylor on a yacht with her backup dancers and one of those dancers has short bleached hair like Katy Perry. Katy Perry also happened to be in Miami around the same time so now there’s a conspiracy theory going around about them making up and we’ll all know about it when they release the video. Me, I don’t think the person they think is Katy looks like Katy apart from the hair. But let’s run with the possibility. 

Is it actually possible? 

Towards the end of her promotional tour for Witness earlier this year, Katy did start softening her language where Taylor was concerned. She said she was “ready to let it go”. She said publicly that she forgave Taylor and that she hoped to be forgiven as well. She said she loved Taylor and wanted the best for her and complimented her songwriting ability. 

Would Taylor reciprocate? 

Here’s what happened the last time she reciprocated – or at least, here’s how SHE sees what happened: she and Kanye West made up, became friends, and then he betrayed her again. That’s her interpretation. And in her mind she got burned. This is the key to understanding Taylor Swift. Her actions are always a reaction. It’s a defence position. A defender can never be an aggressor. 

If there’s to be a reconciliation with Katy then, would Taylor be like Katy and say that she forgives and seeks forgiveness for herself? 

And also, is it really a reconciliation if it’s not happening on neutral territory? IF this rumour is true – that Taylor and Katy are burying their hatchets – it’s happening in TAYLOR’s video, on TAYLOR’s turf. Would you sign a peace treaty in what used to be enemy territory? I’m petty as f-ck so I probably wouldn’t. But, sure, Katy Perry could very well be a bigger person than I am. 

Here’s Taylor, with her family, arriving in LA yesterday on their private plane. Since they also travelled with the dog, I’m assuming this means they’re spending Christmas in LA? That would be the civilian way of doing things. No civilian puts a dog on a plane unless the stay time on the other side is special and/or extended. That said, rules like that change when there’s a private jet as your disposal. No sign of Joe Alwyn whose family is in England. Separate Christmases and New Year’s together?