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The Emmys are 5 weeks away. Emmy voting began yesterday and ends August 28th so this, right now, is when campaigning is at its most intense. As previously reported, they’re now spending as much on Emmy campaigns as the Oscars and it’s an especially competitive year in the Outstanding Drama Series category with Game Of Thrones out of the picture.

Yesterday the producers and cast of The Handmaid’s Tale attended a For Your Consideration event in LA. The Handmaid’s Tale is one of the most acclaimed shows this season with 13 nominations, the first Hulu series to really break through at the Emmys. Everyone was talking about The Handmaid’s Tale – online and also within Hollywood. However, as The Hollywood Reporter noted yesterday:


But is the TV Academy truly ready to crown a streaming show the best of the best? It has been five years since Netflix first broke into the awards conversation, but even the behemoth of streamers has yet to win one of the big prizes. Naming a Hulu show best drama may be too big of a leap for some.

By that argument then, House Of Cards, The Crown, and Stranger Things would also be too big of a leap. Of the 7 nominees for Drama Series, 4 are from streaming services, Better Call Saul and Westworld are on cable, and This Is Us is the only show that reps a major network. It’s a tight fight right now. Expert predictions are all over the place so there’s really no clear frontrunner. Elisabeth Moss, however, is definitely the frontrunner in the Best Drama Actress category. Did you know that Elisabeth Moss has never won an Emmy? Even though they call her the Queen of Peak TV, she’s been 0 for 6 coming into this season. This is her 8th nomination and she told the New York Times this weekend that she doesn’t “feel much pressure at all. You’re just excited to be invited to the party, especially with a new show that was pretty risky”.


True. But she also produced this risky show. As the Queen of Peak TV she’s never been more involved on a show than she was on The Handmaid’s Tale. Winning for this one would probably be what she’s been waiting for? Which is also why she’s covering all the bases. Remember, a few months ago, around the time show premiered, Elisabeth made headlines for saying, at first, that The Handmaid’s Tale was not a feminist story? When asked about her remarks by the New York Times, Elisabeth was ready with her response:

“That was my mistake in the sense that I should have been much clearer. What I should have said is that it is not only a feminist story but it is also a human story. Obviously it is first and foremost a feminist story. I play a woman who has had her child and her family taken away from her, and all of her rights as a woman stripped and who is essentially a prisoner. But I was trying to say that it was also a human story in the sense that there are other groups — other races, colors and creeds — who are punished and maligned and are not given the right to be heard as well.”

So. Is Elisabeth Moss a lock? The only other person who might challenge her would be The Crown’s Claire Foy. The television academy LOVES a British accent. This explains why they kept awarding Downton Abbey long after the show had passed its prime.

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