As a fan of Lewis Hamilton, there were very few professional highlights in 2023. The car was bullsh-t, and the only bright spot really was that Lewis extended his contract with Mercedes through 2025 which means he’ll be racing for at least two more seasons. And hopefully they’ll actually be able to give him a car he can actually drive to his capabilities. 


In his personal life though, there’s been some movement, possibly. Lewis was in Brasil to end the year. And he was seen with model Juliana Nalu. Here they are leaving a club the other night. 


This isn’t totally new though. The speculation about Lewis and Juliana actually started a year ago when they separately shared pictures of themselves in Antarctica at the same time last January. Which is when people started paying closer attention to their social media activity to cross reference when and where their schedules overlapped. Coachella was the next time that social media sleuths suspect that they may have been hanging out. 

But then there was a pause in the speculation about Juliana when Lewis and Shakira became the story. If that ever was a real situation, it didn’t make it past last summer. And now, at the end of 2023, we find Lewis with the woman who started it with him. But now it seems like it’s out in the open. So while she’s not a new name that he’s been linked with, this …progression… is definitely new. Does progression mean it’s official?