A couple days ago I posted in What Else about Rihanna announcing Fenty Hair, but all her fans hounding her about her ninth album, and I said, I’m starting to hope she never releases another album.” 


Yesterday, she stepped out in New York with A$AP Rocky wearing a tee shirt that says I’m Retired (and this is as dressed up as I get). Also, it’s nice to see a celebrity power couple out and about, causing no drama. Rihanna and Rocky give me no reason to stress on a Friday afternoon. I love them for that. 


As for her fans, Rihanna is a billionaire. She is a mogul, an icon, a mother. Rihanna is cooking in business and in life! She is probably not retired but she also doesn’t owe anyone new music. I generally don’t think celebrities send secret messages with their clothes, but Rihanna donning this particular shirt with this particular message just days after getting harangued about new music AGAIN cannot be a coincidence. 


I do wonder, though, if the fan pressure to produce new music is because Rihanna is the main millennial pop girly not putting out new music. Taylor, JLo, Pink, Beyoncé, Shakira, and Christina Aguilera have all released studio albums since 2020. Lady Gaga released Chromatica in 2020. Britney hasn’t released a studio album since 2016, which is when Rihanna released ANTI, her last studio album, but I think we know why Britney hasn’t recorded an album since then. Rihanna’s diehard fans must feel like they’re living in a desert yet watching everyone else guzzling fresh water. But on the other hand, Rihanna IS a legit business mogul. In her time away from music, she’s built something incredible, never mind starting a family. She’ll make music when she makes music, in the meantime, Rihanna is thriving.