PEOPLE Magazine’s cover story this week is about Meghan Markle, featuring exclusive – but anonymous – commentary from five of Meghan’s close friends defending her against all the sh-t talk she’s been taking the last few months. I wrote about this yesterday, about how her friends were spilling the tea on all of her dad and sister’s shenanigans, calling out Thomas Markle for lying about Meghan ghosting him and all the British press for their reporting on Meghan’s impact at Kensington Palace. 

Who are those five friends? Well… check out what Serena Williams posted on Twitter today:

No one can say exactly what Serena means by this but… well… people are interpreting it to be that she was indeed one of the five – and that’s definitely how I’m reading into it. Now I have to go back through the pages and try to pick out which quotes are hers. In the print version of PEOPLE, which is what I was looking at when I wrote my post yesterday, the magazine lays out the comments per friend separately. Like one section will be labelled “longtime friend” with all the details that that friend is sharing. And the next paragraph will have another label, “close confidante”, another called “LA friend”. If Serena is one of them, she’d be “longtime friend” or “close confidante”. Now it’s about trying to “hear” the words on the page, if they can be attributed to her. Because she’s certainly teasing something. And if this is really what she’s teasing, she’s doing it to legitimise the story, to put more weight behind the story, and the information in the story. After all, this is the Greatest Of All Time, the champion, the best female tennis player ever who was seated in the inner chamber at Prince Harry and Royal Meghan’s wedding. And she also happens to be a master at world class shade. 

Here are Harry and Meghan holding hands at the Endeavor Fund Awards tonight. She wore a business suit at the same event last year and the white shirt this year, I guess, is in keeping with the same fashion theme? Not a good style decision. The key to a look like this is to keep it polished and the open neck and the sleeves rolled up and the bunching at the back just isn’t accomplishing that.