Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were at the Endeavour Fund Awards ceremony last night in London. It was their first evening event together. And most of us were expecting an evening dress, right?

Like Princess Kate in Norway, Meghan also wore McQueen. But it was a McQueen tuxedo. A beautifully tailored McQueen tuxedo. I love the fit of these pants, specifically where they end on the leg. This is where I want my tuxedo pants to end for the tuxedo I’ve been looking for but still can’t find. Unfortunately it can’t be black. And I can’t wear a shirt underneath. I guess I should stop talking about myself. 

Smart move here by Meghan by avoiding a dress-off. Kate was at a palace, she had to respect the occasion and her hosts and put on a princess gown. Meghan’s tuxedo was perfect for her occasion too and this way the comparisons were avoided. It’s an encouraging sign going forward about how she understands her position and how she’ll negotiate it diplomatically. She’s showing us here that she knows that even though there’s been so much attention on her lately, she respects that Kate is the one who will be Queen and that she’s not here to famewhore the spotlight. At least not all the time. 

Let’s talk about Harry now. Does he keep wearing the same blue suit? He wore a blue suit when he and Meghan announced their engagement. He wore a blue suit in their official engagement portraits. He wore a blue suit to church for Royal Christmas at Sandringham. It looks like the same suit, right?