Wait a second, now there’s a TAMPON shortage?! Crikey, this makes me so glad I finally got my period cup situation sorted. (If you’re interested in trying a menstrual cup, I learned the extremely hard, “emergency doctor’s appointment/just get it out!” way that you size by whether or not you’ve given birth, not your age.) (DListed)


Matt Lintz, who plays the sweet boy-next-door tech dork Bruno on Ms. Marvel, was asked if he’s “Team Bruno” or “Team Kamran”. First of all, let’s not start that sh-t again, Team Edward/Team Jacob almost killed us. Second of all, the kid clearly has a vested interest in one side, but he dodges the question neatly, refusing to play into that binary bullsh-t. Let these fictional children live! (Popsugar)

Chanel hosted a luncheon and Tig Notaro showed up dressed for her kids’ soccer game and she STILL looks hotter than everyone else, proof that owning your look is better than any amount of couture. (Go Fug Yourself)


I was recently at dinner with some friends who were like, We don’t give a sh-t about the British monarchy, why does anyone care? So I pointed out the potential shenanigans that could go on with the Commonwealth once the queen passes, and how affection for Queen Elizabeth is basically carrying the whole institution at this point, and no one behind her has nearly as much public goodwill (except maybe Prince Harry, who no longer, officially, has a role in the family). It struck us all we might see the last vestiges of one of history’s great empires unravel in the next few years. One of the biggest players to watch? Australia. (Celebitchy)

Rebecca Alter is once again doing the goddess’s work, “interviewing” Jeremy Strong’s large and highly visible pinkie ring. Just the laugh we need to close out this week. (Vulture)