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So did you watch Insecure last night? It was the best half hour of the weekend. Well, actually, it was more than half an hour because Issa Rae went live on Instagram with Yvonne Orji and Alexander Hodge (aka “Asian bae”) and also Lawrence (ugh) and then there was a virtual block party before the premiere and then they all live-tweeted the episode and, well, Insecure was trending through the night, on the same weekend the final season that Game of Thrones premiered last year. 

Unlike how that turned out, I have a lot more confidence in the way this season of Insecure will unfold. Because Issa and her team are telling the right story, spinning the right mystery: we’re not here to find out who wins the Iron Throne (of Love), we’re here to watch how friendship is lost. Issa and Molly, after all, have always been the central romance of the show (f-ck Lawrence, nobody cares!) – and now, it seems, their relationship has turned into a triangle.  


How does growth affect a friendship? What happens to a friendship when new friends arrive and you learn from them, you improve around them? Can a friendship change with you? Can you change within the friendship? So far, the show is telling us that Issa and Molly’s friendship might not have made it. So this is the “murder mystery” of Insecure Season 4. And, as Issa told Vanity Fair, the “show-within-a-show” signature feature this time is a mirror to the narrative:  

“We always talked about the metaphor of Issa and Molly’s friendship as a murder and a whodunit, exploring the murder of this friendship and who was responsible,” Rae said. “In that way, we wanted the show within a show to align with that and it kind of does throughout the season.”

Is anyone one person ever truly responsible though?  

If this sh-t really lasts another nine weeks, Issa and Co are at least making Sundays more bearable. Still losing it over “POP THE TAG!” Lolololol.  

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