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Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 9, 2017 17:49:37 August 9, 2017 17:49:37

OK but first… what did you think of Sunday night’s episode? With Sterling K Brown, come on! You know what I love about Sterling’s guest appearance? Aside from the obvious, which is that he’s Sterling K Brown and he was the one who told Issa Rae that he wanted to be a part of the show? Sterling’s character is the male Molly. With a checklist and a schedule. A list of “shoulds”. He was there so that Molly could figure out that sometimes when all those “shoulds” show up, you realise that “shoulds” look at a lot better on paper than in person. Not that Sterling K Brown doesn’t look good in person. You know what I mean.

As for Issa… well, what killed me about Issa, first, it was that vibrator scene, played for comedy but the reason it was so funny is because, I mean I’ll speak for myself but I’ve been there. Maybe not with batteries or a vibrator but with an internet connection and not being able to call up the right video. And then later when getting back on the horse means a good old fashioned shamef-ck.

Next week though. Next week you need to hang on for next. Hang on as in do not breathe. My screeners stopped after episode four and I almost punched Jacek out of frustration because WHAT THE F-CK, Issa, what is happening!?

You are watching Insecure, right? Insecure has just been renewed for season 3. More Issa. More Molly. More Lawrence. More Insecure. Insecure is getting better and better and better.

Here’s Issa being honoured at Black Girls Rock the other day by Jay Ellis. They really, really, really do look good together, non?

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