I 100% forgot that Marvel’s Secret Invasion debuts on Disney+ this month. Literally, completely forgot, until photos from the premiere in Los Angeles yesterday popped up. So, just to remind everyone, Secret Invasion drops on June 21, and includes six episodes. 


They’re promising this a sort-of return to form, at least for one corner of the MCU, as Secret Invasion is supposed to be in the style of Captain America: The Winter Soldier (in retrospect, that is arguably the best MCU movie. I will also hear cases for Iron Man 3, Black Panther, and Spider-Man: Homecoming). The trailer has that superhero spy thriller vibe, but the Marvel TV stuff is really hit or miss. 

Though Secret Invasion certainly has a helluva cast backing it up. Besides Samuel L. Jackson returning as Nick Fury, Don Cheadle as James Rhodes, and Ben Mendelsohn back as Skrull leader Talos, Cobie Smulders is also back as Fury’s right-hand woman, Maria Hill. All I really want from this series is to NOT WASTE COBIE SMULDERS’ TIME. Seriously, PLEASE make being cast as Maria Hill all those years ago worth it for her. You know why actors inevitably complain about being in Marvel stuff? Because they invariably end up having their time wasted. Stop wasting Cobie’s time! Let Robin sparkle! 


New additions to the MCU include Emilia Clark as a Skrull, Gi’ah, who is the grownup version of Talos’s daughter, whom we first met as a child in Captain Marvel, and Olivia Colman plays Nick Fury’s British counterpart. Kingsley Ben-Adir, next to be seen as a Ken in Barbie, plays a villain, and totally randomly, Dermot Mulroney plays the president. 

They all turned up at the premiere, naturally. Emilia Clarke wore a super cute floral dress, and I love Olivia Colman’s suit. She looks really good, but she also looks like she wasn’t super stressing over the premiere for a Marvel thing, which is as it should be. They’re lucky to have her. Cobie, meanwhile, is so gorgeous it’s hard to see past her FACE and her HAIR. I sort of hate the sheer lace trend, but, not unlike Olivia Colman, she’s working a relaxed vibe that powers through the dress’s rather poor execution. Also, good to see her out with her husband, Taran Killam. They’re a lowkey quality celebrity couple. 


You know who is the style standout on the red carpet, though? EJ Johnson. He was there with his mother, Cookie (Magic was not, however, present). Cookie looks like she’s dressed for a power lunch at The Polo Lounge, but EJ came ready to play. He’s known for androgynous and feminine looks on the red carpet, but his crocodile print dress, thigh high boots, and leather trench is perfect for this particular premiere. The dress evokes the reptilian look of the Skrulls without being too literal—unlike Angelica Torres, who painted half her face green—and the leather trench is like someone said, Nicky Fury, but make it fashion. He looks amazing, and clearly put more thought into his outfit than anyone else at the premiere.