The New York premiere for Killers of the Flower Moon was last night. Martin Scorsese turned up accompanied by journalist David Grann, who wrote the book, and prominent members of Osage Nation, including Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear and his wife, Julie Standing Bear; artist Addie Roanhorse, who worked behind the scenes on the film as well as appearing in it (she’s an IATSE member); designer Julie O’Keefe, who was a wardrobe consultant on the film; Chad Renfro, the film’s official Osage ambassador; and the previous and current Osage Nation Princesses, Lawren “Lulu” Goodfox and Gianna “Gigi” Sieke (it’s an awarded position sort of like a beauty queen but with way more duties toward cultural representation). 


While I think we all wish Lily Gladstone was having her moment here, I also don’t hate that the press tour for Flower Moon has turned into promoting Native culture, artists, and activists in lieu of actors on the red carpet. The easiest and most effective way to combat “mascot syndrome”, in which people see Native Americans as objects of the past, is to show people how vital and rich contemporary Native culture is. This red carpet is full of fashion designers, artists, activists, and the next generation who will carry Osage Nation into the future. 

Also present were cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto, who also shot Barbie, Gayle King, Lorne Michaels, and THE Carol Kane. I guess Carol Kane gets a pass because she’s not in this film? It kinda feels like she probably shouldn’t be there, since Flower Moon is a film produced by a struck company and the actors are still on strike, but also…who’s gonna tell Carol Kane no? 


As for Lily Gladstone, there is renewed optimism the actors’ strike will be resolved by the end of October—finger’s crossed, but no promises so far—which means she could still partake in awards season. I want the actors to get the best deal possible, I want everyone to make a living wage and have a dignified and respectful workplace, but I ALSO want Lily to have her f-cking moment and for everyone to know her name. It’s coming. Lily Gladstone will get hers.