About two hours into the Emmys last night, Duana wrote this to Kathleen and me on our group chat:

“You guys. I’m not bored OR mad. What’s wrong?”

It was a good show, non? The sketches were good. The presenters were good. It felt FUN. And, as Duana added, it felt “not canned”. A good Emmys then… until, of course, they decided to play off Sterling K Brown even though they let Nicole Kidman and Big Little Lies talk forever.

Overall though? There were more highlights than bullsh-t. Stephen Colbert was a highlight for me, more for his role in producing some of the best moments from OTHER people. Like Anthony Anderson laughing at his joke about Bill Maher, so loud that it got picked up on every camera in the place and on Stephen’s mic from up on stage.

And no matter your feelings on whether or not Sean Spicer should have been included and if this means he’s being normalised, at the very least, it gave us this:

I will love Anna Chlumsky forever for that –and also the Emmys control room for cutting to it in time. Haven’t we all been there with our girlfriends? It made me want to hug all of my girlfriends. You know what Duana would do, in addition to making that face? She would have been slapping me in the leg. Sometimes I have to sit away from her when we’re watching things together because when we get excited, I turn to her and open my mouth as wide as it will go and shaking her arm and she starts punching me.

And finally…

Jackie Hoffman. If I’m lucky and I’ve lived my life right, 40 years from now I’ll still burst into spontaneous laughter whenever I remember Jackie Hoffman at the Emmys, just like I’ve been doing all night tonight. In case you missed it, here’s what Jackie Hoffman did when Laura Dern won the Emmy:

But also… here’s what she tweeted right after Laura won the Emmy, like probably when Laura was still acceptance speeching:

Her entire Twitter feed from the Emmys is a f-cking scream.

Here’s another example:

How could it possibly be considered a bad show when Jackie Hoffman was here to make it?