Ambulance, the Michael Bay heist movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Eiza Gonzalez, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II opens in a couple weeks, so the press tour started this week. Here is the cast and Michael Bay in London yesterday at a “special screening”. For some reason, we’ve stopped calling these “premieres”, I don’t know why. Ambulance was originally supposed to open in mid-February, but it got kicked to April 8 when Sony moved Brad Pitt’s Bullet Train to July 15. That ended up being a good move for Ambulance, because Uncharted opened in mid-February, and a couple weeks later, along came The Batman, and boy you can tell when it took over the box office.


I am very confused by Jake G’s outfit here. It’s a turtleneck AND a silk button down? TWO shirts? In this economy? Yahya is also wearing a turtleneck, but he’s doing it right, under a zip-up jacket, no second shirt. Why is Jake G wearing a second shirt? A turtleneck OR a silk shirt, not both! He doesn’t look sweaty, but he has to be, right? A turtleneck, a silk shirt, AND a double-breasted jacket, that’s a lot of layers for the end of March. Is it very cold in London? The internet says it is forty-four degrees Fahrenheit at approximately three in the morning (seven degrees Celsius). That’s not THAT cold. It’s definitely not triple layer cold. Why all these layers, Jake? What are you hiding under all that?