It seems like all the late night hosts have COVID, at least the ones in New York. James Corden is the latest to test positive. Seriously, everyone, stay safe! (DListed)


A Kate Sharma primer to get you ready for Bridgerton season two, coming March 25. I cannot WAIT for Kate to take Anthony’s clown ass to school, they are my favorite Bridgerton couple for a reason, and it’s largely because Kate brings out Anthony’s sub energy in the best ways. (Popsugar)

Allow some vintage Diana Ross to bring some glamor to an otherwise BLERGH winter Friday. (Go Fug Yourself)

I refuse to learn absolutely anything about this feud between Elmo and whatever the f-ck a Rocco is. I don’t have kids, The Culture can’t make me know this sh-t. (Celebitchy)


Sir Sidney Poitier has passed away at the age of 94. I had the extreme pleasure and honor of knowing him, he was a true gentleman, and a very thoughtful and kind man, and always caught me off guard with his humor. The world is a little grayer for his loss. He broke down barriers, and will always be a trailblazer as long as his art survives to touch and inspire new generations of artists who follow in his footsteps, truly the footsteps of a giant, though he would humbly brush such language aside. Denzel Washington, touted as “the next Sidney Poitier” early in his career, gave one of the best tributes to Mr. Poitier when he won an Oscar for Best Actor in 2002. You can watch it here: