If you grew up in the 80s, you know Jami Gertz. Jami was in a lot of things back then. One of those things was probably not what came to mind when you read her name just now. Unless you are, along with me, one of five people who saw a movie about a college debate team starring Jami and Kirk Cameron. Back then, before he became what he is now, I wanted to marry and make babies with Kirk Cameron. I can’t f-cking remember the name of that debate movie and I’m not wasting roaming data right now to find it but I loved Jami in it and I loved Kirk in it and it was probably a terrible film to others but I know that I would still feel the same way about it now if I could remember the title and find it and watch it again. Which is why I care about what Jami’s doing now: owning an NBA team!? (Dlisted) 

I, too, forgot that Morena Baccarin and Ryan Atwood from The OC are together. I also forgot that she’s in Deadpool, which is really sh-tty, I know, but Ryan Reynolds IS that movie, isn’t he? When you ask anyone the question, “Who’s in Deadpool?”, isn’t the answer, “Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Reynolds, and Ryan Reynolds”? Anyway, Morena and Ryan aka Ben McKenzie are still a thing. (Go Fug Yourself) 

For some reason, there are a lot of skincare articles today. No. That’s not right. There are always a lot of skincare articles. Every five minutes there’s a new skincare treatment. Angelina Jolie’s dermatologist is now talking about the Jolie treatment. It doesn’t sound all that trendy. She doesn’t need anything trendy. That said, just for sh-ts and giggles, I’d be curious to see what Angelina looked like with bronzer. Just for fun. Not like a permanent thing. Just one time. (Cele|bitchy) 

This quiz about what you’re like in the morning did not work on me. In fact, it straight up failed. I am not a “morning rusher” who is late every single morning. In fact, I’m almost never late, not in the morning, not in the afternoon, not in the evening. I’m chronically punctual. To the point where if I am late – and it’s usually because I’m WITH someone who’s the reason for the lateness – the people who are waiting for me consider putting out an APB after just five minutes. Let me know if the quiz was more accurate about you. (Buzzfeed) 

So you’ve heard about this “penis facial”, right? Does it work? Kathleen Hou tried it out for The Cut. And she seems to be into it. I spoke with Kathleen a couple of months ago about eyeliner and she’s great. If I was talking to her about this, though, I would point out that the “glow” that her friend observed in her face while she was eating ramen is… normal for anyone eating ramen? Isn’t that what happens to everyone while they’re eating ramen? First, the steam from the bowl probably opens pores. And eating ramen is like exercise. It makes you sweat. Why don’t more people take selfies while eating ramen? I’m telling you, there is such thing as a “ramen glow”. If no one else has claimed this, I am. That term belongs to me (OK and maybe Kathleen Hou’s friend): ramen glow. (The Cut) 

This piece by the always insightful E Alex Jung about queer cinema is making me think and rethink some of the “gay” films I’ve enjoyed over the last few years. And that’s what I love about culture criticism – it asks you to confront the areas where you might be incomplete and it makes you curious enough to address those knowledge gaps. (Vulture)