Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have officially split after six years together, according to multiple outlets. Sources confirmed what many assumed after Jamie was spotted leaving Bootsy Bellows the other night with 21-year-old singer Sela Vave, better known as “just a girl he’s helping out”. The news of their breakup hit late in the press day Monday, with Page Six dropping their exclusive report, complete with a reported overheard quote about the two being apart for “months”, a few hours before PEOPLE’s seemingly more corroborated story. Katie was photographed shortly thereafter walking her dogs with Suri in New York, while Jamie also kept it in the family on social media, with a post of his two daughters following the Beat Shazam finale.
While Jamie’s personal life may be going through a shift (or rather, a public romantic shift), his professional life is on the upswing with a new film that will allow him to “do six horrible movies now.” Jamie and Michael B. Jordan will star opposite my fave Brie Larson in the based-on-a-true story legal drama, Just Mercy, which will have its world premiere at TIFF. MBJ also serves as a producer on the film, directed by Destin Daniel Cretton of Short Term 12 (featuring the most sneakily star-studded cast this decade) whose next project is just a small movie for Marvel, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. This morning, TIFF confirmed Jamie and Michael will be part of one of four longform “TIFF: In Conversation with…” events to promote the film at the festival. It's prime promo real estate, going to two of the most larger-than-life (and private) celebrities.

Just Mercy was originally set to come out next January, but it reportedly tested so well back in March that WB decided to give it a festival run at TIFF, months before its Dec. 25 release date. PEOPLE ran an exclusive first look at the film yesterday, which also featured some choice bromance quotes. So this is how they’re going to promote the film – Jamie and MBJ together, riffing on each other and standing together as brothers supporting each other’s work. 
It’s been 15 years (!!!) since Ray also had its premiere at TIFF, and we know how that ended up for Jamie… with an Oscar. And the buzz on Just Mercy from those who have seen it is very strong, with one person telling me Jamie’s performance as the wrongfully accused Walter McMillian is their Best Actor pick this year, right up there with Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers and Antonio Banderas in Almodovar’s Pain and Glory. And to cash in on the buzz, we're going to get a charisma promo tour of Jamie and MBJ together, commemorating the Ray premiere anniversary (and golden ride) by leaning in to the bromance. We’ve already gotten a few teases of what to expect on social media, and GMA.

Last November, when Jamie was promoting Robin Hood (oof) on GMA, MBJ "surprised" him with an audience question, and they raved about working together while joking about the similarities between the looks of their characters in Black Panther & Booty Call.

Then, Jamie says: (around the 6:15 mark)

"This young fellow right here, we just did a movie together called Just Mercy; please, it is one of the most meaningful films you'll see in a long time, about a man who is wrongfully accused of a crime, of a murder, and he's put on death row in Alabama for six years without a trial. We brought these characters to life, he plays Bryan Stevenson a young lawyer, and I played Walter McMillian, the person who was wrongly accused, and I can tell you - I can do six horrible movies now because of the experience that we had with this. (room laugh) Obviously ladies, I mean, look, but his artistic muscle will be flexed completely on this." 
This line kills me - "I can do six horrible movies now." When MBJ was on GMA that same day for Creed II, he also talked about how the movie uses an inclusion rider. And yesterday, Deadline ran a story with new quotes about their bromance, and how MBJ convinced Jamie to sign on to his most high-profile prestige movie since Django Unchained

“I wanted to remind people who Jamie Foxx was. I think people forgot over the years, that this is the man who played Ray [Charles], who won that Academy Award, and this was the type of material that was going to show people that, and he took it seriously,” Jordan said, adding that Foxx helped elevate the film.

“He was a great scene partner. He helped me out a lot while shooting this film,” Jordan said. “I just can’t imagine anybody else taking on that role.”

In other words... this isn't The Soloist bait-y Jamie. This is "never better" Jamie, and MBJ is here to remind us of his past glory, and big up his special TIFF anniversary. Now Jamie has a new BFF, who's just as ready for a charm offensive following some other news. So where does this leave Katie? Clearly not part of the plan, right? 


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