Last time we checked in on Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes it was three months ago at the Met Gala. They posed together for the first time in over five years, since they started dating. This was three months after it was widely reported that he and Katie were over after he hosted a party on Oscar weekend and declared on stage that he was “single”, only to be seen with Katie a month later in New York

This weekend Jamie partied at Bootsy Bellows and was photographed holding hands with an attractive woman on his way in and out. Katie, meanwhile, was in New York. Needless to say, there were questions. Jamie, however, wants us to know that this is professional. PEOPLE reports that the woman is Sela Vave, a model and singer/songwriter who is apparently signed to his record label? 

Vave is the record producer’s newest artist, and he is helping her out on the music side. “She’s just a girl he’s helping out, a young singer,” a source tells PEOPLE.

“Just a girl he’s helping out, a young singer.”

How many times have you heard the “just a girl” explanation? 

My friends saw you at the bar tonight and they said you were with someone. Oh she’s “just a girl” I know from my economics class. At my university, it was always economics class. 

Who’s this texting you three times on the weekend? Oh she’s “just a girl” I know from work. It’s always “just a girl from work”. 

“Just a girl” is both lazy and intentional, accompanied by a shrug. Like if you answer casually, “just a girl”, it must mean nothing…right? 

Well, that’s the goal. Katie and Jamie have, over the years, pretended like they don’t want to be talked about but, curiously, whenever they want to correct something that they claim they don’t care about, we end up with a story like this, in PEOPLE, or maybe Gossip Cop, about how they’re either not engaged or aren’t broken up or how she was “just a girl” he’s helping out. 

If he’s making the effort to let us know that Sela Vave is “just a girl”, the takeaway is that he and Katie are still together. 

OK, sure, we’ll go with that. 

Would they prefer that we talk about Katie’s denim jacket? I love it. I love the length of it. Most denim jackets are cropped or sit right at the waist. This one is cut like a cargo/military jacket. I need it.