Jamie Lynn Spears would like everyone to know she had nothing to do with that whole conservatorship business involving her sister, Britney, even though Britney made it clear her whole family, not just her dad, was benefitting from the conservatorship. (DListed)


The Fug Girls break down the covers of the W Magazine “great performances” issue. There’s a mod theme at play for most of the women, but I would like to know what memo Benedict Cumberbatch got that none of the other dudes received, apparently. (Go Fug Yourself)

Queen Elizabeth doesn’t like Prince Charles’s plan to turn (part of) Buckingham Palace into a museum. These people do not have normal family fights, but also… It’s a huge, impractical building with monstrous upkeep, currently undergoing a reno to the tune of almost half a billion dollars. Using part of it as a museum, where they could presumably sell tickets, would help contribute to its ongoing maintenance. It’s not a bad idea, even if it is a little “middle class” or whatever. (Celebitchy

The full video for Adele’s “Oh My God” dropped. It’s luscious. Now, pardon me while I go cry in the bathroom for completely unrelated reasons. (OMG Blog)

Andrea Long Chu goes HARD on Hanya Yanagihara’s new novel, A Little Life. This is one of the best—sharpest, funniest, most insightful—pieces of criticism of anything I have ever read, period. (Vulture)