You're so damn electro-cute 
You know you got that juice 
You know you got that juice 
You know you got that juice 
Now, squeeze all that passionfruit 
Ain't no one fresher than you 

Those are the opening lyrics to Janelle Monae’s song “I Got the Juice”. Janelle performed at Wembley this week and, during that song, she brought out Lupita Nyong’o. Everyone, understandably, lost their f-cking minds. 


They’re grinding on each other. They’re slapping each other’s asses. It is, indeed, a fantasy come to life. And a fantasy extended. You’ll recall, after the Met Gala in May, a lot of people were talking about Janelle and Lupita and whatever it is going on between them. Melayna covered the story at the time  and all the rumours coming out of their … energy …that night. Because Tessa Thompson was there too. And Janelle and Tessa were a thing for a couple of years. But Tessa and Janelle weren’t seen together that night. People on Twitter noted that Janelle unfollowed Tessa’s friend Brie Larson on Instagram. 

And now Janelle and Lupita are hanging out in London, dancing together on stage – so is this for real? Is this, really, more than friendship? Is this the love that will save us? 

Important to remember, this is not new. Janelle and Lupita have been friends for a while, and they were friends when Janelle and Tessa were possibly the love that would save us. Here are Janelle and Lupita back in 2015 at the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens:


Here they are in New York City the following August: 


Here they are in LA in March 2018:


Tessa was at that same event, by the way, and at one point they all posed together along with Danai Gurira:


Danai was with Janelle and Lupita at the Met Gala a few weeks ago when all this speculation started:


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My point is this: there is one person who’s seen it all, one person who’s been there as witness to whatever it is that’s going on between Janelle and Lupita and Janelle and Tessa and Janelle and Lupita and Tessa. That would be Danai Gurira. Danai Gurira has the answers.