It was announced yesterday that the Charlie’s Angels reboot will hit theatres June 7, 2019, directed by Elizabeth Banks. I don’t know how to feel about this. Because … I really liked the last reboot. Am I remembering it wrong though? Did it actually suck, the version with Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu? Because all I have are good feelings about it, about their chemistry. Also, I wish I actually had MORE feelings at the time about Lucy Liu being part of it.

It has been 17 years – 17 years!!! – since that first reboot came out. And back in 2000, the diversity conversation did not have the same platform it does now. If they’d cast a white actress in Lucy’s place, I’m not sure there would be the same pushback that we’re seeing these days. That said, was there enough celebration? Why isn’t Lucy Liu a bigger star? It’s frustrating to me that she isn’t. Because Charlie’s Angels should have done way more for her than it did.

So what will Charlie’s Angels look like in 2019? Elizabeth Banks has already said she won’t be one of the angels. Given that the script isn’t quite done yet*, they probably not casting for the project until they have the story down. But… according The Tracking Board, there’s a rumour that Janelle Monae is “at the top of the studio’s wish list”. And, well, that’s why this maybe isn’t a bad idea?


Janelle. Monae. That voice. Saying, “Good morning, Charlie”.


So …now….who else? Send me your ideas!

*Pitch for Show Your Work – Doug Miro and Carlo Bernard are currently working on the screenplay. You know their work from Narcos. Does it bug your ass that women aren’t writing this story?