Dear Gossips,  

Morbius opens next Friday—and WeCrashed started streaming on Apple TV+ last week—and Jared Leto has been press touring all week and we’ve sort of been ignoring him because so much other stuff is happening—like the Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness, breaking up with the monarchy before they even sit down—but, fine, Jared Leto, we’ll spend a bit of time observing you. He’s been like Roy Kent, here, there, everywhere, from Berlin to Paris to Madrid, just yesterday, in this mint green satin Gucci tux. I really like this, actually, that shade of mint is GREAT, but I would like it better on Harry Styles, if only because everything looks better on Harry Styles.


But, press tours aren’t just red carpets, they’re also interviews, and Leto covers Men’s Health, which is probably the weirdest part of him playing a(nother) superhero character. While these kinds of “tell us about your hero physique” profiles are common for superhero actors, Leto isn’t the kind of actor we associate with this sort of spread. But here he is, posing gamely in the desert and looking, let’s be honest, like Jordan Catalano grew up to be a ski instructor. The writer of his Men’s Health profile, Lauren Larson, also makes a Jordan reference, though she notes his skin—at “allegedly 50”—is not necessarily that of a teen, but of a thirty-something into SPF. Leto, like Paul Rudd before him, refuses to drop the skincare regimen, which just makes me think they’re bathing in the blood of unicorns, but honestly, I wish male celebrities WOULD talk more about skincare.

Like, we know they have access to the doctors and the serums and the lasers average Joes and Janes don’t. We know they’re doing SOMETHING to maintain skin THAT good. And sure, maybe some of it is genetics, but c’mon, there’s more to it. And not talking about it doesn’t really make it any less of a curiosity. You have great skin! You’ve done something right! Just own it! And it’s not like the stigma of men talking about skincare is the same as it was years ago, when anything to do with skincare was trivialized because it was “girly”. Now, every skincare line has either a unisex or even masculine-branded option, and uber-dude Jon Bernthal is in movies playing skincare-loving tough guys. There would be even less stigma if famous men with famously good skin embraced talking about it, and maybe we could even get honest about it not being JUST good genes and hydration. Anyway, free the regimen, guys.

Live long and gossip,


PS: Lauren Larson compares interviewing Leto to interviewing to a cult leader, which is a great line given that Leto might have (inadvertently?) started a cult.