Jared Leto is currently on holiday in Portofino with friends. As Maria says, it’s “celebrities in Italy” season, nothing out of the ordinary here. But Jared was photographed looking … friendly… with a person the paps describe as a “mystery girl”. At one point the girl had her arm looped around Jared’s. And when they were at dinner, she rested her head on his shoulder. The “mystery girl” thing isn’t out of the ordinary either. Famous people don’t hang out exclusively with famous people. What is out of the ordinary is that the girl is not model Valery Kaufman who Jared’s been casually dating for a few years. Later on, Jared was seen on a boat though with a brunette who sort of looks like Valery but the paps are insisting that it’s not her. 


So who is the “mystery girl”? Whoever she is, from my vantage point, she looks….um…quite young. Like the daughter of a friend. Jared is 50 years old. It’s very possible for him to have friends his age with children who are in their late teens or early 20s.

Jared Leto has lunch with "mystery girl" and friends in Portofino, July 6, 2022

Again, to me, this girl doesn’t look a day over 18. If that’s the case, HOPEFULLY it’s the daughter of a friend and he’s like an uncle to her? Right? That’s what this is… right? RIGHT? 

I’m asking because…well… the internet has been asking. Other celebrities have been asking. Remember Dylan Sprouse’s tweet from back in 2018? He never deleted it:


And James Gunn responded to that tweet. His tweet was eventually deleted but we all know how this works. 


Gawker summarised all the Jared Leto whispers earlier this year in this post. The NY Post had an article about him back in 2005 and how he was hitting on teen models. The Daily Beast also summarised all the rumours from the last several years a few months ago. People have been talking about this online for a long time. 

To go back to this “mystery girl” though… it’s totally the daughter of a friend, OK? Or she’s at least 30 and there’s nothing to see here.