Dear Gossips, 

“Let’s go get ‘em.”

Did you join the Beyoncé Homecoming viewing party last night? That’s what I was doing, along with a few friends on group chat, and hundreds of thousands others, if not more, on social media, which is why #Homecoming was trending worldwide for most of the night. Every time I watch it I have the same reaction: this is the ONLY standard. The Beyoncé standard is the top grade. A pyramid, a runway, a lift, 200 dancers, singers, and band members, perfect lighting, staging, transitions, sound, and vocals. All of it IN THE F-CKING DESERT. Like, how is she even possible?! 

It was Jasmyn Lawson who came up with the Homecoming viewing party, tweeting out the suggestion on Monday. You know what happened? Jasmyn got a retweet… from the Queen herself! As Jasmyn noted yesterday when it happened, Beysus isn’t active on Twitter. So to be noticed by her, and then to be retweeted by her, I mean, it’s like being knighted.

You’ll note that Jasmyn has now added that to her bio – AS SHE SHOULD:


Wouldn’t you? If it were me, that’s how I’d introduce myself to people: hi, good to meet you, Beyoncé retweeted me, my name is Lainey. 

It’s the first sign that Beyoncé has given us of Beyoncé since International Women’s Day, when she updated her website to recognise women who are making history. On Instagram she’s been quiet since the Super Bowl. Nobody knows what the Queen is doing during the time of Coronavirus. But then again, she told us: 

“F-ck it up and leave again”

Yours in gossip,