Dear Gossips, 

Have you watched the latest video that Jason Momoa posted on YouTube yet? If not, you’re in for seven minutes of soothing content. That was my self-care last night after a long stressful day and it could do the same for you. 


Jason restored Lisa Bonet’s first car, a Mustang. It was a surprise. He says she used to drive around in it when she was 17 years old and while most of the short film is spent on the actual details in the garage, all that painstakingly detailed work was an automotive representation of how much he wanted to please her. Every time he says “my wife” in the piece, I’m a mess. And I’m not a car person. 

I mean, sure, cars are nice, I can appreciate a nice car. But there are people who know cars, who have a thing for the whatever bumpers and the spoilers and the something-something-car-terminology-I-don’t-know-these-words and there are people who know shoes. It doesn’t matter. It’s not about cars. It’s about the care. The other day Jacek took my 3-wood (this is a golf club) into the garage and shortened it by a couple of inches and regripped it because I’m too short to properly hit it and, well, that’s kinda like my Mustang, LOL. Now I’ve just realised he doesn’t have a “Mustang” or a “3-wood” moment. What’s Jason Momoa’s “Mustang” from Lisa? 



He’s married to LISA BONET. This tweet just about sums it up. 

Let this be the energy of the day. 


Yours in gossip,