Jay-Z took the Blue Ivy Carter to the NBA Finals game between the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics last night. Of course the cameras were on them. And this moment showed up on television, resulting in this tweet that went viral: 


I love scenes like this. Reminds of when President Obama pardoned those turkeys during his two terms in office and Malia and Sasha were there for most of them and how over it they were with his turkey jokes and the whole process. To the point where he eventually joked on Turkey Pardon Day about how embarrassing his jokes were for his daughters. 

President Obama with his daughters

As Gawker said at the time, it was “teen contempt” and I am here for it. There is much that divides us, and there are few things we will ever have in common with Malia and Sasha Obama and Blue Ivy Carter (who is not a teen yet but she’s ten years old now and in early adolescence) but one thing most of us can say we've done is say, “DAD”, in the same tone (for those of us fortunate to have had healthy time with our dads). Perhaps preceded or followed by an “UGH”. 


This is the second time this year that Jay and Blue have attended a sporting event together. She was on the field with him before kickoff at the Super Bowl in February. Jay produces the halftime show but his real job that night, if you recall, was being Blue’s official photographer. 

Enjoy it now, no matter who you are, a rap legend or a non-celebrity because there will come a time when your kids don’t want anything to do with you, no matter what tickets you can get for them if it means they have to go with you. This is life. It’s probably why Jay is giving her all the hugs and kisses he can.