Dolly Parton’s song from Dumplin’, "Girl in the Movies", was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Original Song this morning. Dolly’s on her way. Her goal, as she’s made explicitly clear, has been to get nominations, in particular an Oscar nomination. The Globes aren’t reliable predictors of Oscar winners but they can narrow the field for the final cut. Dolly’s going to the Globes – nobody’s mad about that, right? 

Dolly and Jennifer Aniston were on Good Morning America today interviewing each other in black leather pants. Jen’s questions for Dolly are super fangirly, as they should be. And Dolly’s questions for Jen are super Dolly: how do you look so good (looking good is a priority for Dolly, always!) and … are you a bad driver? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 

I can see this. I can totally see Jen being a bad driver. But that might just be my bias about LA drivers. Look, I’m Canadian. If you can’t drive in snow, I don’t consider you a good driver. That also applies to people in Vancouver, where I used to live. Why am I trying to start a fight over driving? No fighting here. Just Dolly and Jen doing promo together and also Jen on her own on Kimmel, talking about Dolly and naming her dog after Dolly which apparently Dolly wasn’t into and while some people are trying to turn this into a headline, I feel like it was more of a joke? After all, Dolly just said the other day that her husband wanted a threesome with her and Jen. Pretty sure their off-camera conversations are lot different than their on-camera conversations. Dolly Parton is a keeper of secrets. For SURE she now knows the dirty on everything that went down between Jen and Brange, Jen and Justin, Jen and John Mayer, all of it.